Chester Freedom Ministries



A Holy Boldness

As we've moved through our call to prayer, I have studied fire in the scripture and have been reminded of some amazing truths:

In Matthew 4:11, John the Baptist said, “The one coming after me (Jesus) will baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire.” 

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit comes and reveals His presence by tongues of fire resting on each of the disciples gathered in the upper room. To quote an old Batman show, "POW!" These disciples, who had been hiding in fear, were now out on the streets of Jerusalem with holy boldness that rocked the city — and eventually the world.

When the Holy Spirit is free to work and move in our lives, there is a holy boldness for the work of the Kingdom that eliminates the fears of our flesh.

Father, we ask your Holy Spirit to bring fire to our lives. As we have prayed before, to burn away all that hinders our walk and work with you. But now we also ask you to ignite this fire in us that pushes us beyond our present capacity.  Please make us the ones ignited by the Holy Spirit who rock our city — and our world.

I would like to invite you once again to be a part of our class on Deepening Our Prayer Life on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm throughout the month of May in the Youth Room. 

My belief is that our understanding of the scripture and prayer will be challenged — and as we are challenged, we can be changed.
For our King,