Chester Freedom Ministries



Like A Fire Within

“It felt like fire”

The words of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They had begun their journey away from Jerusalem with troubled hearts because the Christ they had given their lives to follow had been crucified and buried. But when the resurrected Jesus appeared to them on this road, they not only had renewed steps, but decided to return to Jerusalem to share in their joy with the disciples there.

Jesus not only appeared to them, but spent time with them. They said, “It felt like fire burning in us when Jesus talked to us on the road.” Or, from another translation, “Did not our hearts burn within us.”

How would we feel if we experienced what they did that on day? Oh wait... we can... every minute of every day. It’s our reality 24/7 – Jesus wants to and will spend time with us to help us to know Him more and for Him to explain Himself to us. Read the whole story in Luke 24:13-35.

Father, forgive our busyness. We confess our need to have this time with Jesus. Thank you Jesus, that you desire it even more.

For our King,