Chester Freedom Ministries



Igniting A Fresh Fire

Welcome to the greater work. That is what Jesus calls prayer in John 14. It is with the greatest joy that I celebrate each of you willing to be involved in our prayer initiative.

God has given us the word fire for this work of prayer. Not to burn anything down; but to have everything that is not of value to God be removed, as by fire. That same fire also brings purity to what He does value. Fire is used in both of these ways throughout scripture.

As someone who has agreed to participate in this three-month process, I am asking each of you to ask the Holy Spirit to create the purity of God in your life. Ask Him to cleanse and refine your heart for the purposes of the Father. Maybe something like this:

“Father, You are my life. You are love. You are pure fire, real fire. Change me, Lord. Make me real for your glory.”

We will be praying for others. However, I have learned that we often need to pray first for ourselves to be in a position to pray for others.

I would encourage you to listen to Set a Fire by Will Reagan and United Pursuit.

For our King,