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Changing the Spiritual Climate Before You Pray

Sometimes we pray too quickly out of fear or panic or even good intentions, but we are not ready because we have not established a climate of faith. The following is a way to take a step back, change the climate, and then pray in faith. Most situations are not time sensitive and would benefit from the time taken to change the spiritual climate.

Before You Pray

  1. Ask God if He has already promised something.  If so, begin to meditate on the scriptural promise(s).
  2. Does God have a name related to your situation that reveals His intention and character? Praise Him that He is who He says He is; for example: Jehovah-Jireh (My Provider) or Jehovah-Rophe (My Healer). Remember that His name is above all names (Philippians 2:9-11).
  3. Has God done something like this before? Whether it is in scripture, in someone you know, or in your past, thank Him that if He did it before, He will do it again. God doesn’t give preferential treatment. His promises are to all who believe (Acts 10:34).
  4. Is there a song that speaks to you? Sing it loud, sing it off key, sing it out of time, but sing it!

Don’t Ask Until the Fear and Doubt Are Gone

  1. Your problem may look too big and your God too small. Take the time to meditate, sing, praise, remember, and be thankful so that God is made rightfully big and your problem is made rightfully small.
  2. Check to see if you were following after the flesh. If you rushed something or acted against the will of God - STOP IT! Realign yourself with the will and timing of God. You can’t paint over rotten wood!

Once You Feel the Atmosphere Shift

  1. Then speak to your mountain about your God. Tell it whatever God has given you Biblical authority to say.
  2. Then ask in faith.
  3. Then declare the will of God and the promise(s) of God.

Watch the Following

  1. Your feelings and motivation – You may not feel like praying or singing or praising. You may have no motivation for it. Don’t wait for motivation. Decide to do it because it is right. Tell yourself how you feel. Look upward to where your strength comes from and believe in the grace of God to empower you to do it.
  2. Your mouth – We empower the enemy when we pray for 30 minutes about how bad something or someone is and give two sentences in faith. Watch that you do not get caught up in speaking only about the things that you see wrong, bad, or lacking. This opens the door for despair, worry, and hopelessness (Psalm 19:14).
  3. Your thoughts – News, television, music, conversations, gossip, murmuring, etc. can lead to thinking that immerses us in unbelief (Psalm 19:14)

Our secular and Christian culture is baptized in unbelief! Are you sick of it? We must decide to be immersed and baptized in the Holy Spirit and committed to changing the spiritual climate before we pray!