Chester Freedom Ministries


Serving at CFM


We serve because we love... and we'd love to have you serve!




Our greeters are the first impression our visitors and regular attendees see when they enter our doors. The greeters want to show a warm welcome to all who come and help them find their way or answer questions they might have.


Our ushers welcome anyone entering the auditorium. They may provide hand outs, help a family find a seat or simply assist in collecting our weekly giving.

Cafe Volunteer

Our cafe is available before our weekly gathering and serves a variety of hot and cold drinks, breakfast items, snacks, and products like shirts, stickers and mugs. Volunteers should be cheerful and able to take orders and payments in a quick and efficient manner.

Wednesday Meal Server

During our Wednesday Night Meal season, volunteers help serve items from the meal to those who are in attendance. Cleanliness, commitment, and a warm smile are key in this position!

Funeral Meal Worker

When one of our own loses someone, we love to provide their family a meal before or after a visitation or funeral service. Volunteers may be asked to provide dishes and help serve the meal to the family where compassion, empathy and love go a long way to bringing peace and comfort to a family in mourning.


Facilities & Maintenance

Event Setup

Whether it's a Summer Bash, a Fall Festival, or a smaller group event, it helps to a have a team that can come together to make set up happen. Moving tables and chairs, decorating, assembling activities and games; all of these and more are a part of making an event successful. It's best for volunteers to have flexible scheduled and be in good health.

Facilities Maintenance

Like a home or business, our facilities have equipment that needs repair, services that need maintenance, and projects that help us grow and improve our space. If you have a handyman streak or have been trained in a skilled service, we are always willing to discuss how you can use your gift to assist us in maintaining and completing needs and projects to best serve our church.

Lawn & Landscape

Our property is regularly maintained, but during certain seasons, tasks like trimming, pruning, spreading mulch, and so forth benefit from dedicated laborers who have a desire to see a job done and done beautifully. 


The amount of use our building and facility sees is actually a blessing. Groups, individuals, and organizations that come and go can take advantage of the space we steward. With this use comes the need to keep places and spaces clean and tidy. Some events and functions will leave more than a few can tackle, so having volunteers willing and able to assist in keeping our home clean and in order can provide peace of mind and ensure a better first impression for those who will come next.



Nursery - Infant/Toddler

Our nurseries for both infants and toddlers operate on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for our little ones who are Infant through Pre-K. They have a need for loving and godly instruction as well as a positive and fun atmosphere. Our volunteers need to have a desire to embrace these boys and girls and recognize the value that their serving has for parents who are able to remain attentive and grow during our gatherings.


Our K3 though 5th grade ministry for children takes our nursery vision a step further. Not only are we allowing parents to be served by the teaching of the Word in the gathering, we are allowing our children to have their own growth through lessons, play and worship that speaks more closely to them.

Wednesday Recreation Leader

During our Wednesday activities in FreedomKIDS, we take time to learn and play. Our recreation leaders find fun and exciting games for our children to engage in to make their time together unforgettable. Leaders are creative and encouraging — and always striving to keep up with our little ones!




Exalt is our weekly service for middle and high school students on Wednesdays at 7:00pm. This gathering is to help engage youth in learning about God and serving Him while also building relationships through games, discussions, and worship.

Leaders and assistants in Exalt work together to coordinate activities, mentor and encourage the youth, and simply be a godly example with a heart to see these young people grow in the Lord and live with hope and integrity. 

Youth Center

We often open our Youth Center on Sunday afternoons as well as Wednesdays and Fridays. Youth Center volunteers spend time with youth during these times playing games, watching movies, mentoring, and overseeing the center. 

Youth Leadership

Youth leaders, in addition to participating in Exalt and special youth events, leaders meet together to plan and discuss the ministry and should be willing and able to disciple youth. 

Event Planning

For larger events, whether youth-focuses or otherwise, help in planning how the event can effectively include or engage middle and high schoolers. 

Small Group Leader

Our youth just like an adult or family, has a need to be in community. Moving beyond weekly group gatherings, this is intentional smaller groups for the purpose of growing closer together and growing closer to God.



Worship & Arts

Audio Technician

Our weekly gatherings — Sunday mornings and Exalt on Wednesdays — have a need for everything to be heard well and heard clear. Support our gatherings by learning and running our sound system. It aids our people to hear speakers, music and videos to the glory of God. 

Display Technician

We use displays and media to support and highlight truth and provide entertainment at the right time. Whether on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, or for special events, learn and run our display systems to aid our people in scripture, lyrics, supportive elements, and videos. 


For our weekly Sunday gatherings, we often have a need for a producer to help manage the elements of our meetings: audio, display, video, speakers, etc. Be a part of this growing aspect of our ministry. Must be willing to arrive to gatherings early and be focused  on the tasks at hand. 


As we develop videoing our gatherings, be a part of this growth if you have skill or willingness for framing, editing, lighting, and other videography components. 


Especially for special events, but also for our weekly gatherings, help us use your eye for photography to capture moments of teaching, worship, fellowship, and ministry.