The Vine Institute

The Vine Institute provides training, help and healing for those who are planning or are recently involved in ministry, in your hometown or where ever the Lord may send you. It is our goal to effectively send into the harvest those who are schooled in ministry and empowered by the Holy Spirit to disciple the nations for the Glory of God.

Address: 125 Hudson Street, Chester, SC 29706  [map]

Good Samaritan Medical Clinic

The Good Samaritan Medical Clinic was founded in May 2002 to provide free medical services, pharmacy and counseling to citizens of Chester who are at least 18 years of age and do not have Medicare, medical insurance, a medical provider, a prescription card/program, and who do not qualify for Medicaid. During 2005, the Clinic experienced over 9,100 visits for services and acquired 300 new patients, bringing the patient total to over 1,450.

Address: 139 Church Street, Chester, SC 29706 [map]
Phone: (803) 385-6332

The Cottages of Chester Village

The Cottages of Chester Village offers a unique housing opportunity for seniors age 62 and above with limited income. The cottages are spacious one bedroom apartments with a full compliment of amenities and services. Residents enjoy a relaxing, secure environment and friendly, courteous staff with the benefits of being a part of CFM’s ministry. Equal Opportunity Housing; call for more information or to be put on the waiting list.

Address: 662 Village Drive, Chester, SC 29706  [map]
Phone: (803) 385-5807

Open Door

Open Door’s mission is “…to be an open door and bridge that points to the open door of salvation found in Christ Jesus.” John 10:9

The purpose is to be a safe haven and place of love for teens. To create an environment that encourages and fosters hope in the life of teens. To motivate, inspire, and equip the next generation. To promote a collective spirit of unity in Christ as together we seek to be the change and bring change to our community. We serve alongside each other as leaders and ambassadors of Christ’s message of truth to the lost.

We are a group of people from area churches in Chester County came together to seek God’s will in starting a teen center. After many meetings and much prayer, the group felt God leading them to hold an event called the “Open Door”.

This is not your ordinary youth event. It’s targeted to reach the teens in Chester who might never come through the doors of any church. The name is taken from John 10:9, where Jesus says that He is the door and anyone who enters through Him will be saved. The concept is simple. We want to open the doors of the church to any teen with the hope that we can build relationships, love on them, and point them to the Open Door of Jesus Christ.

Stations are set up with movies, music, video games, snacks, etc. We want to create an atmosphere where kids will feel comfortable to be themselves. There is also a Christian music performance and a message time midway through the night. Always keep an eye on the calendar to see when and where the next Open Door event will be held.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved in this ministry in any way, please contact Nate Malone (

Phone: (803) 209-5939

Outdoor Christian Ministry

The Outdoor Christian Ministry (OCM) was organized in 2011 by a group of people with a dream to take God’s outdoor creations to a new level. Outdoor events with God’s word, fellowship and trained, skilled staff are growing the ministry each month. Sometimes the word “church” makes people feel uncomfortable, unworthy or like they don’t fit in.

Each month, OCM sponsors an event with a different topic and message related to a particular theme. Some examples are:

  • Fishing: God’s Chosen Disciples
  • Clay Shooting: Hard Focus on Your Target
  • Concealed Weapon: Identifying the Enemy