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Wild Love '15 - Day 2

(n) it is often good to experience a 'restraining' period on a calling... a restraint can allow time and mature to gain strength in an area God has called you to

(n) an anointing is not necessarily 'special,' it's a designation to do what you were made to do - in fact, it's often something that we don't naturally do well (in our eyes), but we do it so that God can make it well by His work, not ours

(n) don't seek creativity from Earth, seek it in the heavens

(n) don't cater to people, seek to create to please God

(n) there is a dangerous fine line between anointing and entertainment; you can entertain people under a guise of anointing, but God sees the true heart

(n) a figurative note from God to the entertainer: "Sick of hearing your crowd-pleasing junk"

(n) the Church is at another place where we're being called to stop the retreat and take up the fight with the praise of God by the power of the blood Jesus clothed in the full spiritual armor.

(n) when encoutering the presence of God; resist measuring and comparing to the last time of the next time; **embrace the moment**

(n) the heart of God is broken by our complacency concerning his presence -- we're often to emotionally immature to handle more of the presence like we ask for

(n) just as a father would not grant a toddler keys to the corvette; it's irresponsible for God to release more of His power on a spiritual infant

(n) it is better to trust than to just believe

(n) learn to see things from God's perspective

This session with artist, Don Potter, was definitely tougher to capture in notes as his analogies and stories moved quickly, but I hope anything listed will be helpful to glean from.

Chris Goodwin