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Taking Out The Trash

On Sunday, September 18, I had the joy of sharing a message called “Hall of Famers” from Hebrews 11:1-31. I gave this message to remind all of us that even the people God listed in the Hall of Fame in the Bible had flaws, just like us. Some even worse than some of the stuff in our lives.

But guess what? God used them and there is hope for us. Now as I say that it doesn’t mean that we can willfully live a life that is contrary to God’s word and will and believe God will bless our mess. It does mean that God is willing and desires to use us as He builds His Kingdom, even when He knows our junk.

I also mentioned that all the years I have been in ministry I have been taking out the trash; emotional, spiritual, and many times literal trash. Then I gave some items of trash that could prevent us from thinking that God would or could use us.

  1. That the gift of salvation that He so freely gave to us is not eternal. When you receive Jesus, it is the gift of eternal life, not for a few days or a few years.
  2. That going through religious activities, baptism, joining a church, or even sitting on a church pew is how we receive salvation. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” The only way, I might add.
  3. That you believe you are saved but do not have the Holy Spirit in your life. A wise man said, “A professing Christian without the Holy Spirit is an oxymoron.” (which means it does not make sense)

There are other lies the enemy uses to keep us from living out the fullness of our faith but start here.

  • Determine for certain that Jesus Christ is your Savior and the Lord of your life; that the life He gave you in Him is eternal.
  • Determine that by the choice of your will, you will allow the Holy Spirit who lives in you to fill your spirit to overflowing; that you will surrender to His control of your life.

As a favor to me, please read and meditate on Psalm 32.

How are you doing on the challenge to pray for God to reveal Himself the way He wants to in all areas of your life? Also, let Him reveal to you how He designed you and for what purpose you were created.

In Christ,

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