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Knowing the Father

Over the past couple of weeks, I have given the challenge to those in the worship service to know the heavenly Father in a deeper way.

The challenge is to take the rest of this year (September, October, November & December) and change our prayer life a little bit by not asking God for anything except to “Have Him reveal HImself to us the way He wants us to know Him.”

The second part is to ask the Father to “Let me know myself the way You designed me and the purpose for which I was created.”

Remember this was and is presented as a personal challenge for each one to decide if they will participate and at what level they desire to do so.

Why would I make or give such a challenge? It’s simple. If we are not careful, any of us can allow our prayer life to get stale or even mechanical. Please understand this is not an accusation so please do not get defensive. Consider this as a way to get to know your heavenly Father at a different level.

I believe that you, like me, will find that it causes you to spend more time talking with the Father about the thing or people on your heart. But more importantly, I discovered more of what my Father was like and what was on His heart.

The second part is to have a time of self evaluation to see if I am fulfilling the purpose for which my Father made me and placed me in this time of history and this geographical location.

There is no “pass or fail”; no one to look over your shoulder or judge you on how you are doing.

I have discovered several things for myself and from others who have also decided to give this a try.

  1. I am getting to know my Father better.
  2. I am receiving revelation in areas where I have prayed for some time.
  3. It gives ample opportunity to discuss with others what is happening in my relationship with my heavenly Father.

There is more and more in what I want in my relationship with the Father.

If you are willing, give it a try and if you would, please let me know what you find—good, bad or whatever!

In Christ,


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