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A Thank You from Local Law Enforcement

After our May 20, 2018 Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, we received the following letter and Thank You card from some of our local law enforcement members:

Thank you card from some of our local law enforcement staff

Thank you card from some of our local law enforcement staff


Dear Chester Freedom Ministries,

Thank you for taking the time and dedicating the Church's many resources to honor law enforcement officers during the special breakfast and service on Sunday, May 20th.

It is truly humbling to know that many people in our community recognize the sacrifices law enforcement officers make throughout our Country every day. As a 23-year law enforcement veteran, I can honestly say the job has become much more difficult and the actions of police officers are under more scrutiny than ever before.

Nonetheless, I am overwhelmed to know that your ministry recognizes those sacrifices and dedicates a church service to honor us all.

Please know I am especially thankful for the gift bag containing the book and Bible verses. I know it took time to put these together, so please let your members know they are being put to good use in my daily routine.

I pray God’s continued blessings on your church, and my family and I thank you for your warm hospitality and welcoming arms during our visit.

Please do not hesitate to call upon me if I can ever be of service to you.

In Christ,

D. Max Dorsey, II

Chris Goodwin