Chester Freedom Ministries



Continue In The Presence

Thank you so much for sharing your stories of encountering God and how they benefitted your spiritual life! I was especially honored to hear those stories that were not easy to share.

Our call to prayer has had one simple focus: Jesus. By focusing on Him above all else, we can experience His kingdom here — as it is in heaven. 

So moving forward, it is our mission to seek these encounters — both for ourselves and for others. We praise God in faith for the ways that He will show Himself to us when we seek Him. I believe that the kingdom of God is an ongoing revelation of His presence.

There’s a book on my desk by Derek Morphew called “Breakthrough”. The premise of the book is that when we align ourselves with God, we provide an avenue for the kingdom of God to be revealed here on earth — as it is in heaven. The great revelation for me is that God wants to be doing that all day, every day. And He is simply waiting on us. Wow! Think about that for a moment: He is waiting on us.

Father, thank you for your desire to have your will and kingdom here on earth in all our lives at all times. Thank you for giving me a willing heart for this with every breath I take.

For our King,