Chester Freedom Ministries



Week 2: 21 Weeks of Prayer & Fasting


A Call to Consecration - The Fast I Desire . . .

 The Spirit is preparing the Church for the greatest revival and the most intense pressure in human history. Radical changes are needed, and they will come. Regular fasting is part of this change, and includes restraining our natural pleasures and/or strengths to position us to receive from the Spirit. As part of the consecration process we are encouraging everyone to begin to fast as the Holy Spirit leads.  

Fasting is often thought of as an optional discipline, but scripture tells us that it is part of the normal Christian life. Jesus said, "When you fast," implying that it should occur in the regular course of a disciple's life (Mt. 6:17-18). 

There are many fasts found in scripture and all have purpose and place. But the fast we are calling is very specific and focused. The Matthew 9 fast we seek is based on an understanding and recognition that Jesus is no longer present on the earth in bodily form but that there is a day coming when He will return. One of the conditions of His return is His people fasting or mourning for His return. It is a fast focused on relationship and a heart that is desperate and hungry for God. It is when we personally and corporately refuse to accept not only the current state of our spiritual barren and dull condition but also the barren condition of the land.


FAST! No matter what your history with fasting we encourage you to take a step and to fast, one meal, one day or multiple days. The seriousness of the hour our nation is in demands a serious response. Choose personally to join us corporately as we refuse to accept our current condition and recognize that only the presence of God can save our nation. Fast for Jesus to come! Fast for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven! Fast because you are lovesick and long for Him to return! Fast because Jesus commanded us to do so!


Ask the Lord to search your heart and examine your hands. Is there anything in your life that has taken priority over God? How is your appetite for God? As the Lord shows you things that you have placed above your relationship with the Lord, repent. Ask the Lord to help you return to Him with all your heart and desire.  

  • "Turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting with weeping and with mourning." Joel 2:12


Lord our nation is in crisis and our human efforts fail us! The nation is raging and all that can be shaken is being shaken. Forgive me; forgive your church for hungering for everything but You! Forgive us for trusting in our strength and wisdom. Forgive us for being satisfied with the offering of the world and not hungering for your Word and truth. Give your church and me the grace to fast and to seek your face! Cause us to hunger and thirst for your righteousness that we might see your Kingdom come and your will be done in Chester, in South Carolina, and our nation as it is in Heaven.   


All prayer is an act of worship. End each prayer time by giving thanks in advance and declaring God's authority and power

  • For Thine is the Kingdom and the Glory and the Power Forever... Matthew 6:13
  • Obedience is our highest form of worship and demonstration of love... Genesis 22, Luke 11:28
Chris Goodwin