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Big God Youth Conference

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The vision of the Big God Conference is to help young people realize God is bigger than all their problems, fears and questions. We serve a Big God who spoke the world into existence, yet desires an intimate personal relationship with each of us.

The Big God Conference for 2017/2018 will be held at Beach Church in Myrtle Beach, SC on Friday December 30 - Sunday January 1.

The conference is for middle and high school students featuring artists Building 429 and Sidewalk Prophets; comedian and MC Jeff Smith; and speakers Adrian Desires (former SC football chaplain) and Ken Freeman.

Spaces this year CFM Youth are limited. So sign up soon if you want to go. The total cost for the trip is $125. However, we have a flexible payment schedule to help with the cost.

Payment Schedule

  • September 24: 
    $40 deposit due (non-refundable)
  • October 15:
    $40 payment due
  • November 12:
    $45 / Remaining balance due

Information Packet

Parent information packets will be available soon.


3 ways Big God is different

Praise and worship

Praise and worship is not a group or soloist performing for an audience. True praise and worship is expressing your heart to an audience of one - God.

Full Ministry Concerts

Why are the CCM artists who have been a part of previous Big God Conferences shocked when we talk and pray with them backstage? We just tell them - "Ministry is the main thing. Take the time to share what God lays on your heart." They tell us most conference promoters give them a 30-45 minute time slot and tell them to sing as many songs as possible. We believe the groups on the conference are called by God to minister to students. We give them the freedom to do just that.

God Moments

It is true, God is omni-present, everywhere all the time. But, there are times when Christians come together in unity that we can experience and sense the glory of His manifested presence. We call these times God moments. There is no way we can manufacture these times, but at the Big God Conference we are constantly looking for them. God has blessed us with several God moments at each of our previous conferences. When those times arrive we don't shake them off to rush ahead with our program. We linger in His presence and allow Him to move in our hearts.

Chris Goodwin